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Audio Preview

  1. 9. Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - Truba i Čovek (Trumpet And Man)

Growing from balkan to world champions, Boban and Marko release their Gipsy Manifesto, a musical call for change and a sonic striving for higher truth, drafted and crafted in the school of life.

Ancient melodies that have worked their way down the silk road to the beaches of the Adriatic Sea, played on the instruments of 19th-century Czech Military Bands against the throbbing rhythms that have driven the wild dances of innumerable generations’ worth of Roma celebrations – this is Balkan Brass Band music. The saturation of multicultural elements that has created this music, though, is far from a completed process. In the hands of Boban and Marko Markovic, the evolution is ongoing.

These musical visionaries, a virtuosic father and his prodigious son, are active reinterpreters of this hallowed tradition. Their brand of Brass Band music is contemporary and big-city-ready, while staying well-rooted in the rural traditions that made it. The aesthetic of the band draws ready comparisons to horn-drenched funk music, New Orleans brass band ensembles, and classic Jamaican ska, but the rhythms and the melodies: these are distinctly Balkan.

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